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About Us

We are a company that is devoted to finding cool tools for cool people. It's very simple…we just like cool stuff. Our tools can be used for many art forms--from metal and polymer clay to PMC and Art Clay. We have created a book of projects called “Metal Effects” and a DVD/CD, “The A to Z of METALworks”, which is all about techniques. See our most current projects on The TENseconds Studio Blog.

We hope our Gallery Section sparks inspiration for your art as many of these samples can have multiple uses. We love to see what ideas and projects our customers come up with, so please email us a picture so we can add it to our website: (cheryl@TenSecondsStudio.com).

Please visit our Retailers section for a listing of all the stores here in the U.S. and around The World that carry our products!

DEEP THOUGHTS on Inspiration

I have never given much thought to where I find inspiration for my art. Sometimes I dream it, but I have to write down the ideas or I forget them. I can't seem to remember squat because I am in the middle of menopausal senility...power surges. Friends tell me I need to journal my thoughts. I have about 30 journals around my house with a maximum of 3-4 pages done in any of them. You see, I like to buy journals...I just can't seem to get into writing in them, much less drawing in them. So, I don't whip out my journal at traffic lights and record my innermost thoughts. If I did, it would be a special thought I might have for some other bozo in front of me who doesn't know there is a speed limit. Hey, that's a good idea...a Road Journal with special thoughts for our fellow travelers. I'm going to go find a journal and write that down!

Anyway, back to my inspiration. I have always been able to look at shapes and see something else. When I worked for manufacturers, the projects or samples I created would have to sell an item. Now I'm free to find inspiration in anything I see around me. I actually get quite a few ideas from watching home improvement shows. An application on a wall becomes a background on mat board using inks or chalk. Or, something that is turned into a lamp, I'll recreate the concept and make a shrine. This comes from when I owned a stamp store and customers would want five ideas for each stamp they bought. (I did a lot of thinking on the run.)

I collect a lot of different things...heads and different body parts (these are plastic or cement), old printer type, bingo pieces and most game pieces in general, telephone niches, old typewriters, anything iron, fabric, leather, tile and beach rock. We have a barn on our property and it's packed with all my treasures, or as my husband calls it "all that crap".

I'm always finding "treasures/crap" that I forgot I even had. I've collected phone niches and am trying to revive them into shrines to sell. Had to have typewriters, so I found around six old ones. I started taking one apart, and discovered that old typewriters have approximately 50 ZILLION screws. I'll be in a retirement home with this one typewriter still trying to unscrew all the dopey screws. I may request to be buried with it. It will give me something to do in the great beyond. I better find a journal and write that down.

After having gone through some real special moments in my life, I've come to some deep realizations about life. One such realization is that life is ten seconds long. It is really a very simple thought, but it has gotten me through tough times. It helps to put things into perspective when you have limited time. I want my remaining seconds to be full of life and fun. Thus, the name for this company.

I hope you enjoy the site and the samples. Please check out the classes and hopefully something will spark your interest. I'm always adding new stuff!

Cheryl Darrow