For centuries, musical instruments have shaped the way people live. It is a form of art, and not the physical form of art. It is a journey of long, hard practice hours that happen to find a way back to the original piece of music the musician is trying to master.

There are plenty of reasons to take up a musical instrument, that’s for sure. However, we want this article to mainly focus on the end result. That end result of accomplishment and beauty in playing and mastering a musical instrument. We will focus on two instruments, the guitar and the saxophone.

The Art of Playing Guitar

The guitar is one of the most popular instruments, especially in today’s day and age. It is really simple to get one online, and then it is really easy to start taking up lessons online. At the end of the day though, you still need to practice and master the art of playing.

art of playing guitar
musician playing a guitar

Learning to play the guitar isn’t easy and mastering it is even more challenging. We say this with full confidence though – once you master playing all the chords, you have a chance to create special music. When you start putting your own twist on certain songs, that’s when playing the guitar becomes an art-form.

We’re all unique in some way, shape or form. Playing a musical instrument gives you that opportunity to bring out the uniqueness in you. With a guitar, you can take it right out of the case and start playing nearly any song. If you were blessed with a good singing voice, you can also play and sing at the same time.

The Art of Playing the Saxophone

There are a few saxophones that you can choose to play. They are, the soprano, alto, and tenor. All three are great choices, but most people will choose the alto because it is a little easier to learn than the other two.

One of the most amazing things in today’s music is the rise of saxophones. You’ll often hear them on new pop, hip hop, and house music genres. It is the “cool” thing, but it was never always like that. Sure, the saxophone is mainly linked to jazz music. However, you can play many types of genre styled-music with a sax, making it a good intrument to master.

The art of playing the saxophone is beautiful when listening. You can hear notes from high pitches, to low bass and everything in between. It’s a fluid-type of woodwind instrument. An instant classic that demands respect when played with confidence. There’s no question mastering a piece of music with the saxophone turns into a form of art.


There are so many more instruments out there that can really be lovely to listen to when played at a high-level. Our main goal was to have someone who is interested in starting to take up a musical instrument get a good feel of how important it can be in our lives. We also wanted to show people that playing a piece of music near perfect is a masterpiece, and is appreciated by the average person.

The Art of Playing Musical Instruments